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hey all! sorry i have been MIA lately, been super busy with the holidays and such! we had a beautiful christmas with both of our families and loved visiting with all of them. I've been enjoying some time with a few of my friends Karen and Kathy and their family the last few days! such a beautiful family! they are off of work so its nice to get to visit! so magical!! i am so inspired when i am around my crafty/quilty friends. they are so special to me.....all of my friends are! i love you all....each and everyone of you!! :)

i am getting super pumped for a new year. i am ready to set goals and lots of them. i have never been a big "GOAL" person. but i have some for this year....eek... super excited! more on those later!

i am ready to fill the new year with: friends and loved ones, health, happiness, quilting, knitting, a sunny vacation, more quilting, some antiquing/thrifting, hiking, eating, baking and so much more! can you tell that i am super excited for a fresh new year? ok i guess that i have babbled on enough. i will be back later with some pictures! love to all!


happy birthday!

so we had a fantastic time tonight celebrating my dear friend Karens birthday. we went out to dinner for mexican food (yummy) and then came back to our house to visit and for yummy cake + ice cream! we had so much fun! so nice having friends over to the house!

i also wanted to share a few quilting pictures. here is one i just finished for a friend from Bloomington. it is hard to see....but the backing is navy blue minky (not pink) i was pretty happy with how it turned out.

and here is another one that i did for a lady from Pennsylvania. i quilted swirly waves all over it! it turned out cute i think! thanks for looking & letting me share!

let it snow...

so i was very excited when i woke up to this....

it's not a lot of snow...but just enough to get me even more excited about the season! EEK!!
and a nice gift i just received, Jim Shore S&P shakers...very cute dont you think!?

and here is what i have been listening to lately....

lots & lots of holiday music!

and a blury view of our tree through a mirror.... magical!
i also have to share a picture of our new baby nephew...so very cute and so loved!
what a blessing. have a beautiful afternoon! more later! h


the day after loves!

happy thanksgiving everyone! i hope your bellies are full of turkey! i know mine is! i have spent my day enjoying some holiday decorating + christmas music of course, a quick trip to target, (tree lights) and a little bit of hand sewing. other than that really being lazy. gearing up for rounds 2 and 3 of thanksgiving dinners that will happen starting tomorrow! i cant wait to visit with family~also for the yummy soups that we get to eat.....never met a soup i didnt like!! :o)

oh and here are a few pictures from yesterdays dinner. they are all too cute for words
i have also been doing a little bit of this....
magazine & coffee lovin!
and i want to leave you with really warm thoughts so...
well i am off to organize xmas stuff and decorate the tree with my husband.....such a magical night! i love it! goodnight and god bless. back tomorrow with some quilting magic! stay tuned!

love-love heather



i just wanted to stop in and share a few random things that are filling my mind.

*first i just have to say that i have the best little sister ever...hands down! she is funny, caring, spunky, and completely unselfish! she very-very rarely ever does anything for herself or has time to herself. which of course makes me crazy! she is a great mom to her two beautiful girls and an amazing wife! i love her so much and am so thankful that i have for a sister. she is always doing things.....JUST BECAUSE! like buying this awesome picture for us.

it is sort of hard to see it here but it is our last name spelled out in photos of random things! i love love it! thanks Jenny......i love you!

*here is a picture of the crowd at the opening day of New Moon! crazy- but great fun!

*and a very blurry picture of our cute little quilting bee (minus a few and plus a few peeps) enjoying an early Thanksgiving dinner together.....love you all too!

be back later.
happy Sunday to all! xox



...is one of my favorite months. i am so inspired by all the changes that come with autumn. i love everything about the new season.....crisp air, crunchy leaves, change in foods i cook, a warm wardrobe, and a fire burning constantly! i must say that all of these little things are what make this my favorite season. i also love-love november because of thanksgiving. such a magical time! family, friends, and food...all of the things that i love so much all together under the same roof! i have so much to be greatful & thankful for. i have a beautiful life-very simple-but beautiful to me. i have so many special people i love & that i am thankful for.... i wish i could introduce each one of them to all of you! ;o)
i will leave you with a few things that make my heart happy!

seeing my husband all dressed up
seeing kids love to read
seeing my cat hog the heat

its the little things in life that make me happy! love-love heather


hey all! i wanted to share what i just took off of my quilting machine. it is very hard to see the quilting on this one because the fabric is ULTRA soft and fluffy so the threads sink into it. i quilted swirls all over it. it turned out great! i promise to share more goodies tomorrow!

happy quilting.....love love heather



Just sitting here enjoying a pumpkin spice latte with my hubby! It is just beautiful out except for the Asian ladybugs! Life is good.........even though he is making that face! (he was squinting from the sun) xoxo heather

a quick share

i just wanted to share my presidential pardon wall hanging. i still need to add eyes, binding & such but i thought it would get ya'll in the fall mood.......you know if the cold weather has not! :o) i quilted pumpkins and leaves & a small meander. it will NOT go on my table but i thought it was a good spot to take a picture.

i also still need to trim it up perfect. thanks for looking! happy quilting! heather


sunshine at last!

good morning! i am so happy today & i am giving credit to the SUNSHINE coming in through my windows! i think its fabulous. i think i am going to cut into a pumpkin today and bake up the seeds....sounds yummy. who knows i might just make a pumpkin roll with the rest of it.......maybe........its a lot of work.........ok maybe not! :o) i did get my flannel snowman quilt quilted. it is so warm. i will post better photo after i do the binding. i think it turned out nice.

i am happy with it. i am getting ready to start a couple small things for fall.....i should have done them first! will post when they are done. happy quilting everyone! heather


apple cider+pumpkins= favorite time of year

.........except for the last few really-really rainy days. but today the sun is out and that makes me really happy! so i have been enjoying apple cider a lot lately.......anyone else?? i have also visited the pumpkin patch a few times already! eek! i love looking for the perfect pumpkins! well i am trying to get the energy (sinus infection...yuck right?) to run over to the tent sale at Quilter's Harvest http://www.quiltersharvestshop.com lots and lots of good deals going on! well until later......happy quilting. h



ok, so i am back! i had a busy couple of weeks which included lots of happiness! i am blessed~ i am SO super excited to say that my longarm arrived and has made itself right at home in my little sewing room!! i have been loving it so much. i have quilted many of my tops already......still many to do. i now have a new pile started.........lots of bindings! :o)

1st arrival

2nd arrival
here is our much needed new wood stove.....isnt it beautiful?? we have been staying nice and warm thanks to this!! love a crackling fire! so nice to actually be able to see the fire now......so now on christmas morning we will no longer need to turn on the TV to the yule log burning channel! LOL

3rd arrival

autumn!!! i am so happy for the change in seasons. i love autumn.....watching the leaves change colors is so inspiring to me. i love the smell of leaves.....it reminds me of jumping into piles of them as a kid. it also make me want soup, soup and more soup!! until later. happy monday



i finished the halloween aprons that i made for our grandmas restaurant. i think they turned out cute. i cant decide if i want to add ric rac to a few more or not?? i usually love ric rac but wonder if it is just going to get snagged on stuff and tear off?? anyway...here are a few pictures sorry they are so dark but there is no sunshine today. What do you think??

p.s i still need to press them. love *h


cotton therapy day!!

today was a great day. i spent it with my sewing friends. i worked on sewing halloween aprons and everyone else did hand work. we did a lot of visiting and laughing. here are a few pictures from the day. Samm was getting her quilt top ready to hand quilt. isn't her quilt lovely! we did miss karen today :o( we also got treated to a yummy brunch which included sausage/potato casserole by Mary and fruit, breads, apple crisp, cookies and other yummies pitched in by everyone! great fun, food, & friends! love you guys! *h


i heart camp!

i had a great time at quilt camp of course! it was so nice to visit with everyone and do lots of catching up. i got a few things accomplished....not everything that i would have liked but thats ok! i did get the borders and sashing on my halloween embroidery quilt...........so cute! it is kind
of hard to see it in this picture but i love how the border looks like vintage halloween fabric! i also finished a quilt using cotton blossom, (far left) learned how to make table runners using border fabrics and a triangle ruler super fun.........thanks Dawn! you can check out her blog here-----------------------> at dquilts.blogspot.com and i also made a cute little turkey wall hanging. (far right) and then i think i was starting to get a bit lazy so i took scraps and found some green fabric and made a cute wall hanging that kind of has a shabby chic/cottage vibe! i also got a little bit of binding sewn down on a quilt! all in all it was a great time with friends old and new! i will try and put up better pictures later. xoxo heather


a whole-lotta loves!

so super-duper excited, there are only 8 days until quilt camp. yay, wha-hoo, yippee! i have been so busy lately which means i still have much to get done before camp. i have a few items to purchase, a few kits to cut and a list of things to get done at home too! oh well i like being a busy bee!! i am on the other hand always so sad to be away from my husband....confession i get sooo home sick when i go places. but it is good for us to be away from each other..... at least once a year! right?? lol
i want to share my latest antique store treasures.............i am so loving- as well as collecting all of the beautifully inspiring vintage pyrex. this is a super bad picture. i love the blue and white. they did come with lids too.

i also found this little cutie toy sewing machine...i know be still my heart

also a few of my other current obsessions....

...and a picture of my hubby and i enjoying a baseball game last night......go Indians!

i have this adorable quilt finished i just need to hand sew the binding down love-love it!! 2 more in the works.....for a few people! i know beautiful right??
good night and sweet dreams ya'll! we have a big day tomorrow..... new woodstove shopping!! yippee!!! loves heather

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