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Being a nanny!
Ok so if you know me, you probably know that i love kids and that my degree is in early childhood ed. and if i could i would probably have like 10 kids??? (well you know what i mean) So anyway you get my drift. So this summer i have gotten the privledge to be a nanny for a the most amazing family ever! I wish that i could introduce everybody i know to this family, they are just such down to earth good hearted people. I have not once this summer woke up (early) in the morning and said i dont want to go today......and i think that is a lot to say for any job! I only have a few weeks left and i am going to miss them! i know i will enjoy not driving so much, but other than that i am kind of sad! :o(

I almost lost it yesterday when i was getting ready to leave and the mom said oh, i cant wait......and then pulled out a small jewelry box and handed it to me!!!! Very much to my suprise they got me a beautiful silver necklace with a round cylinder shaped pendant studded with diamonds?! I dont wear or buy a lot of jewelry just because...... i guess i dont buy it for myself. But i was so touched that they got me such an amazing gift. I will always cherish it!!! I am so blessed to know so many fantastic people. More soon. LOve lOve, H



so- i finally decided to join everyone else in blogland! i am super excited to share my love of fabric, quilting, knitting, fabric, cupcakes, coffee, friends, oh and did i say fabric? with a little bit of life thrown in the mix! i hope to get my blog finished & looking fun.....just not tonight! please be sure to check in often and leave me comments.....who doesnt love comments? looking forward to some fun post and great blogland friends!
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