i had a nice day of sewing with Soss (SIL) today! i worked on some soft burp cloths for my shop. i used some of my new vintage fabric along with some left over cuddly fabrics. she worked on paper piecing and borders for a cute xmas embroidery. we talked a lot about quilt camp which is coming up in a few weeks....... yea! we also ate yummy party pizzas.....i am embarassed to admitt that i actually ate a whole one by myself!!! :) i will not need dinner tonight for sure!! well, maybe a few almonds and some yogurt! anyway we had a good time and did some much needed catching up!! i am really glad to have someone in my family that shares in my love of quilting! well i am off to make a few to do lists! i know Jenny.... i know! LOL
happy monday everyone! h


some lovelies

i love when someone wants something made, hands me a bag of fabric and says....here you go!! i love when i get to make a project from scratch. it is so gratifying to NOT be looking at a pattern the whole time you are sewing. i will be making halloween aprons for the restaurant that my husbands grandma owns. so i will be working on those very soon....after all is is just around the corner....eeekk! until then.....
i also wanted to share a project i did using my apple fabric. if you followed me on my old blog you know how much i loved this fabrics.
so here is what i made with it

i think it turned out super cute! i already have people wanting them! can you blame them?? i must share these oh-so adorable fabrics that i just bought from Quilters Harvest http://www.quiltersharvestshop.com/ one of the best shops ever i might add! :)

just look at the all the cute little items apples, trees, pigs, bunnies, & koala's oh my!! it stole my heart! i need to find just the right project for these little cuties i dont want to use them carelessly! and i just finished 3 of these!

one in pink and two in yellow. they are so cuddly & warm! they will be up for sale in my shop soon http://www.thepolkadotgirl.etsy.com/ so keep an eye out. i want to share one last thing.
my newest vintage fabric find! i am obsessed to say the least!
have a beautiful sunday! *h


i heart my quilting friends......

ok so i have lots i want to share with yall, but i may have to save some of it for my next post yikes! fist i have to share a little bit about my quilting group.....we get together for what we call "cotton therapy" (i know right.....so cute!) as often as we can-- usually only 1 or 2 times a month. we work on what ever we want, sometimes do group projects, take fun little field trips, talk a bunch, and of course eat! i am super-super excited....we decided to start meeting every (yes, i said every) Wednesday for hand quilting! we all have very different tastes & styles....yet we all share the same love of quilting & the love of fabric! i have learned so much from all of these ladies lots about quilting & so much about life!! i love all of them so much and have become a better person because each of them are in my life. ok.....enough sap. so here are pictures of a few of the wonderful ladies!

of course there are more of us i just need to upload some photos.
ok on another note i am working really hard at trying to get new fantastic items ready for my shop here --------> http://www.thepolkadotgirl.etsy.com/ so be sure and stop in often to see whats new! i have been so inspired lately.....i just wish i could make stuff up as fast as ideas come to me. well i need to get some Zzzzzz's Night- Night! *h


7 random things

here they are. :)

1. i am still reading eat, pray, love...i know- i know

2. i am a crazy list maker

3. love trail mix

4. have 3 nieces & nephews in kindergarten at the same school....is that common?

5. wish i could have a starbucks iced coffee everyday! (right now would be nice)

6. love vintage owl stuff....so adorable.

7. secretly want to dye my hair...shh!



i must share a "cutie" project that has been finished for awhile now. i am finally starting to quilt it!! i thought the pattern was just so cute. i loved the fabrics too! so here it is before i started quilting on it. oh and the pattern is called.... This takes the cake by pieces from my heart.

i will be sure and post when i get it completed. oh what the heck here are a few other "almost finished" projects.

thanks for looking! i will post again later with some other fun stuff! for now i am off to the deck for a cook out with my hubby! much loves ~h

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