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i love when someone wants something made, hands me a bag of fabric and says....here you go!! i love when i get to make a project from scratch. it is so gratifying to NOT be looking at a pattern the whole time you are sewing. i will be making halloween aprons for the restaurant that my husbands grandma owns. so i will be working on those very soon....after all is is just around the corner....eeekk! until then.....
i also wanted to share a project i did using my apple fabric. if you followed me on my old blog you know how much i loved this fabrics.
so here is what i made with it

i think it turned out super cute! i already have people wanting them! can you blame them?? i must share these oh-so adorable fabrics that i just bought from Quilters Harvest http://www.quiltersharvestshop.com/ one of the best shops ever i might add! :)

just look at the all the cute little items apples, trees, pigs, bunnies, & koala's oh my!! it stole my heart! i need to find just the right project for these little cuties i dont want to use them carelessly! and i just finished 3 of these!

one in pink and two in yellow. they are so cuddly & warm! they will be up for sale in my shop soon http://www.thepolkadotgirl.etsy.com/ so keep an eye out. i want to share one last thing.
my newest vintage fabric find! i am obsessed to say the least!
have a beautiful sunday! *h

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