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so super-duper excited, there are only 8 days until quilt camp. yay, wha-hoo, yippee! i have been so busy lately which means i still have much to get done before camp. i have a few items to purchase, a few kits to cut and a list of things to get done at home too! oh well i like being a busy bee!! i am on the other hand always so sad to be away from my husband....confession i get sooo home sick when i go places. but it is good for us to be away from each other..... at least once a year! right?? lol
i want to share my latest antique store treasures.............i am so loving- as well as collecting all of the beautifully inspiring vintage pyrex. this is a super bad picture. i love the blue and white. they did come with lids too.

i also found this little cutie toy sewing machine...i know be still my heart

also a few of my other current obsessions....

...and a picture of my hubby and i enjoying a baseball game last night......go Indians!

i have this adorable quilt finished i just need to hand sew the binding down love-love it!! 2 more in the works.....for a few people! i know beautiful right??
good night and sweet dreams ya'll! we have a big day tomorrow..... new woodstove shopping!! yippee!!! loves heather

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sossy said...

Such a good picture of you and J.

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