ok, so i am back! i had a busy couple of weeks which included lots of happiness! i am blessed~ i am SO super excited to say that my longarm arrived and has made itself right at home in my little sewing room!! i have been loving it so much. i have quilted many of my tops already......still many to do. i now have a new pile started.........lots of bindings! :o)

1st arrival

2nd arrival
here is our much needed new wood stove.....isnt it beautiful?? we have been staying nice and warm thanks to this!! love a crackling fire! so nice to actually be able to see the fire now......so now on christmas morning we will no longer need to turn on the TV to the yule log burning channel! LOL

3rd arrival

autumn!!! i am so happy for the change in seasons. i love autumn.....watching the leaves change colors is so inspiring to me. i love the smell of leaves.....it reminds me of jumping into piles of them as a kid. it also make me want soup, soup and more soup!! until later. happy monday

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Quilts And Pieces said...

Man - you are having a great month of arrivals! How cool is that wood burning stove! And of course the HQ16!

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