sunshine at last!

good morning! i am so happy today & i am giving credit to the SUNSHINE coming in through my windows! i think its fabulous. i think i am going to cut into a pumpkin today and bake up the seeds....sounds yummy. who knows i might just make a pumpkin roll with the rest of it.......maybe........its a lot of work.........ok maybe not! :o) i did get my flannel snowman quilt quilted. it is so warm. i will post better photo after i do the binding. i think it turned out nice.

i am happy with it. i am getting ready to start a couple small things for fall.....i should have done them first! will post when they are done. happy quilting everyone! heather


sossy said...

It looks great! Fantastic job on the quilting. I bet you are loving having the longarm. Think of all the UFOs you are going to get done. Have to admit I am jealous. Did you and Justing go to the covered bridge festival this year?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Mmmm - that one does look nice!!!

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