the day after loves!

happy thanksgiving everyone! i hope your bellies are full of turkey! i know mine is! i have spent my day enjoying some holiday decorating + christmas music of course, a quick trip to target, (tree lights) and a little bit of hand sewing. other than that really being lazy. gearing up for rounds 2 and 3 of thanksgiving dinners that will happen starting tomorrow! i cant wait to visit with family~also for the yummy soups that we get to eat.....never met a soup i didnt like!! :o)

oh and here are a few pictures from yesterdays dinner. they are all too cute for words
i have also been doing a little bit of this....
magazine & coffee lovin!
and i want to leave you with really warm thoughts so...
well i am off to organize xmas stuff and decorate the tree with my husband.....such a magical night! i love it! goodnight and god bless. back tomorrow with some quilting magic! stay tuned!

love-love heather

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Quilts And Pieces said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! I went out east and had a blast with my sister. It has been forever since I"ve spent a thanksgiving with her, so it was pretty special! Can't wait to see you in Jan!!!!!

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