i just wanted to stop in and share a few random things that are filling my mind.

*first i just have to say that i have the best little sister ever...hands down! she is funny, caring, spunky, and completely unselfish! she very-very rarely ever does anything for herself or has time to herself. which of course makes me crazy! she is a great mom to her two beautiful girls and an amazing wife! i love her so much and am so thankful that i have for a sister. she is always doing things.....JUST BECAUSE! like buying this awesome picture for us.

it is sort of hard to see it here but it is our last name spelled out in photos of random things! i love love it! thanks Jenny......i love you!

*here is a picture of the crowd at the opening day of New Moon! crazy- but great fun!

*and a very blurry picture of our cute little quilting bee (minus a few and plus a few peeps) enjoying an early Thanksgiving dinner together.....love you all too!

be back later.
happy Sunday to all! xox

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Quilts And Pieces said...

Hey, my sister took me to the opening day of New Moon too! And the theater in Delaware was packed just like that!

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