having lots of...

hey all! sorry i have been MIA lately, been super busy with the holidays and such! we had a beautiful christmas with both of our families and loved visiting with all of them. I've been enjoying some time with a few of my friends Karen and Kathy and their family the last few days! such a beautiful family! they are off of work so its nice to get to visit! so magical!! i am so inspired when i am around my crafty/quilty friends. they are so special to me.....all of my friends are! i love you all....each and everyone of you!! :)

i am getting super pumped for a new year. i am ready to set goals and lots of them. i have never been a big "GOAL" person. but i have some for this year....eek... super excited! more on those later!

i am ready to fill the new year with: friends and loved ones, health, happiness, quilting, knitting, a sunny vacation, more quilting, some antiquing/thrifting, hiking, eating, baking and so much more! can you tell that i am super excited for a fresh new year? ok i guess that i have babbled on enough. i will be back later with some pictures! love to all!


happy birthday!

so we had a fantastic time tonight celebrating my dear friend Karens birthday. we went out to dinner for mexican food (yummy) and then came back to our house to visit and for yummy cake + ice cream! we had so much fun! so nice having friends over to the house!

i also wanted to share a few quilting pictures. here is one i just finished for a friend from Bloomington. it is hard to see....but the backing is navy blue minky (not pink) i was pretty happy with how it turned out.

and here is another one that i did for a lady from Pennsylvania. i quilted swirly waves all over it! it turned out cute i think! thanks for looking & letting me share!

let it snow...

so i was very excited when i woke up to this....

it's not a lot of snow...but just enough to get me even more excited about the season! EEK!!
and a nice gift i just received, Jim Shore S&P shakers...very cute dont you think!?

and here is what i have been listening to lately....

lots & lots of holiday music!

and a blury view of our tree through a mirror.... magical!
i also have to share a picture of our new baby nephew...so very cute and so loved!
what a blessing. have a beautiful afternoon! more later! h

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