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hey all! sorry i have been MIA lately, been super busy with the holidays and such! we had a beautiful christmas with both of our families and loved visiting with all of them. I've been enjoying some time with a few of my friends Karen and Kathy and their family the last few days! such a beautiful family! they are off of work so its nice to get to visit! so magical!! i am so inspired when i am around my crafty/quilty friends. they are so special to me.....all of my friends are! i love you all....each and everyone of you!! :)

i am getting super pumped for a new year. i am ready to set goals and lots of them. i have never been a big "GOAL" person. but i have some for this year....eek... super excited! more on those later!

i am ready to fill the new year with: friends and loved ones, health, happiness, quilting, knitting, a sunny vacation, more quilting, some antiquing/thrifting, hiking, eating, baking and so much more! can you tell that i am super excited for a fresh new year? ok i guess that i have babbled on enough. i will be back later with some pictures! love to all!

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