i love u fig tree

ok so i absolutely love-love fig tree fabrics. so i joined their club awhile back to receive a kit like every 3-4 months. well... i just started working on my first quilt kit, cobble stones and i love it! it's going to be really super duper pretty!! here is a sneak peek at my set up in the living room {movie watching} & my cut fabrics!

photo source-fatquartershop.com
i will show more of my quilt as i work on it. i also have to share my finished project from an earlier post. i must confess that it is not what i intended it to be but because i messed up i turned it into this...........
a dishcloth! it was suppose to be really cool booties/slippers......but....oh well maybe next time! also on an unrelated note i have been enjoying a lot of these lately.........................
SMOOTHIES!! so yummy. i love them so much! ok thats all for now. thank you all for reading my VERY random post! much loves to yall!


things that i am loving right now!

ok here are a few things that i am just crazy in love with right now!!

creating cutesy-fun kid & baby clothes & accessories! love it so much! more here----------> http://www.thepolkadotgirl.etsy.com/

also loving this oh-so gorgeous bundle of "woolies flannels" by maywood studios and a mixed bundle of "retro xmas" fabrics that were gifted to me from a dear dear friend!{i love you bunches}

and the fact that they packaged mine & my husbands very favorite flavors of tootsies together in one perfect package.......yummy bliss!

also these aaddoorrabble picks that i can't wait to put atop some delicious red velvet cupcakes......EEK! ok i think that's it for now........thanks for looking! xo


busy with....

ok so my knitting project is not yet complete {i know- i know} but i can only sit for so long! so i promise i will have it done soon! instead i quilted a colts blanket for an uncle and have been on a crazy sock monkey spree! i have always wanted to make one but just never took the time to actually do it..... a very fun change of pace! here are a few pictures of it all......from my very crazy sewing room!

isnt he cute?? i know he doesnt have eyes yet.......i will get those added soon! i think i am going to add some kind of cute tie or shirt for him too.. but i am not quite sure yet. i will be back later to share a few new projects! exciting!! what are all of you currently working on?? happy quilting & happy tuesday! xo


late night craftiness

so i think tonight is going to turn into a late night craft-a-thon! we are usually in bed after the news but we decided that we wanted a totinos party pizza {dont judge} and my husband is in the middle of a Dan Brown book and i in the middle of quilting a quilt. soooo it looks like we will be up for a late nighter!

guess what this pretty pink and brown yarn is about to become? not a hat, not a scarf, and not mittens......so what then????

i will show you tomorrow after i get it finished....so be sure and check back!

i hope you are all having a beautiful friday night filled with lots of fun! i must get back to the machine! xo, heather


i am in love & dreaming....

source: unknown

source: unknown

source: unknown

source: impoole.blogspot.com

source: thedomesticdiva.wordpress.com

i am in love and dreaming about owning a machine so colorful and beautiful! aren't they to die for?? i {heart} them all so much! i dont think i can even pick a favorite! how about you?? i will be on the hunt this year to find one as beautiful to add to my little "sewing machine family"! i love hunting for things at thrift shops..exciting! be back later with some quilting pictures. happy tuesday!


happy new year + sparkle

source- weheartit.com

i hope everyone had a safe and amazing new year! i spent mine very low key at home with my husband. my only complaint was the crazy bad headache that i had...other than that and missing all of our friends {insert frown here} it was perfect! i feel lots better today and i can thank the 10~yes you heard me right 10 hours of sleep that i had last night/today ! i will probably never fall asleep tonight since i slept in till 11 o'clock.....and because i just brewed up some coffee and it's 6:40pm dumb i know! but it sounded so good!

i did snap one picture of us from last night. warning nothing exciting or fancy just us sitting on our couch.

i also got most of my goals/dreams written down today and i am eager to try and reach all of them! mostly just fun stuff but a few personal ones too like to stop worrying so much, eat less salty foods...and continue to take walks with hubby after dinner (warmer weather)and many more! i hope you all have a great evening doing something that makes you happy!
love to all!

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