happy new year + sparkle

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i hope everyone had a safe and amazing new year! i spent mine very low key at home with my husband. my only complaint was the crazy bad headache that i had...other than that and missing all of our friends {insert frown here} it was perfect! i feel lots better today and i can thank the 10~yes you heard me right 10 hours of sleep that i had last night/today ! i will probably never fall asleep tonight since i slept in till 11 o'clock.....and because i just brewed up some coffee and it's 6:40pm dumb i know! but it sounded so good!

i did snap one picture of us from last night. warning nothing exciting or fancy just us sitting on our couch.

i also got most of my goals/dreams written down today and i am eager to try and reach all of them! mostly just fun stuff but a few personal ones too like to stop worrying so much, eat less salty foods...and continue to take walks with hubby after dinner (warmer weather)and many more! i hope you all have a great evening doing something that makes you happy!
love to all!

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