i love u fig tree

ok so i absolutely love-love fig tree fabrics. so i joined their club awhile back to receive a kit like every 3-4 months. well... i just started working on my first quilt kit, cobble stones and i love it! it's going to be really super duper pretty!! here is a sneak peek at my set up in the living room {movie watching} & my cut fabrics!

photo source-fatquartershop.com
i will show more of my quilt as i work on it. i also have to share my finished project from an earlier post. i must confess that it is not what i intended it to be but because i messed up i turned it into this...........
a dishcloth! it was suppose to be really cool booties/slippers......but....oh well maybe next time! also on an unrelated note i have been enjoying a lot of these lately.........................
SMOOTHIES!! so yummy. i love them so much! ok thats all for now. thank you all for reading my VERY random post! much loves to yall!

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