late night craftiness

so i think tonight is going to turn into a late night craft-a-thon! we are usually in bed after the news but we decided that we wanted a totinos party pizza {dont judge} and my husband is in the middle of a Dan Brown book and i in the middle of quilting a quilt. soooo it looks like we will be up for a late nighter!

guess what this pretty pink and brown yarn is about to become? not a hat, not a scarf, and not mittens......so what then????

i will show you tomorrow after i get it finished....so be sure and check back!

i hope you are all having a beautiful friday night filled with lots of fun! i must get back to the machine! xo, heather

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sossy said...

Now I am curious as to what it is going to be! I bet that flannel quilt youa re snuggling under is nice and cozy with the fire! It looks great. Shaena and I did some sewing today. she worked on a maternity top and I worked on some quilt blocks. Lets get together soon to sew!

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