first block

here is a picture (before trimmed) of my first block from the Women of Influence BOM/club that i am in at Quilter's Harvest. i love it! although this block looks really patriotic, i am using a mixture of mostly reproductions with the exception of a few other pieces from my stash. i love this club because it honors the leaders of the suffrage movement and it inspires me so much! and this is "Miss" Mary Losers quilt that she made for her granddaughter and is now about finished hand quilting it! it is so beautiful!

i just had to take a picture of how amazing & perfect her hand quilting is! i dream that one day i will be able to quilt just half as well as this......just beautiful!!!!

the stitches are so perfectly spaced.....isnt it just amazing?!!

well i am off to load a quilt....i must get it FINISHED!!!


saying goodbye........

the world has lost a beautiful person. i am so sad to learn that my friend and former co-worker has passed. my heart is filled with so much sadness but also so many wonderful memories! i will miss you Connie!


quick hello!

i just wanted to stop in and say hello and that i am still here! i have just been a little busy lately. i have also been a bit lazy in the sewing department the last few days i have been working on curtains for my nieces bedroom. so i hope to get back to quilting in the next day or so. other than that i have soup in the crock pot, a cake in the oven and after what seemed like forever i finally have a good fire going! i am beginning to sound like a country song huh?! anyway, i hope everyone is staying nice and toasty. i will be back with more later on! love u


vintage loves

while we have a blanket of white snow covering our world outside, i am dreaming about warmer weather & pretty dresses inside! i have a major fashion crush on vintage clothing. i pretty much live in dresses in the warmer weather but i sometimes wish that it were still like 1950 and woman always wore dresses you know to cook in, run erronds in etc....i know silly! so i found a few things that i thought were really beautiful and reminded me of the warmer weather that is just around the corner!

here is the staple 50's dress....so cute! i would wear it everyday if it were mine!

i am so in love with this color of green......just gorgeous!
i wish they still made bathing suits like this! i'm on the hunt for one! not kidding!
this dress looks like a birthday dress....i invision an outdoor party! swoon!
i would really love to have this one in my wardrobe....like right now! please?
and THIS one is just so beautiful....im in love! i would wear it on valentines day!
so can you see why i love 50s fashion so much? all of these make my heart go pitter-patter! fyi: i am very greatful for my womans rights and for what the woman before me did...i just really like the fashion from this era a lot. thanks for looking! xox heather
{all photos not otherwise noted are via weheartit.com}


inspire me

happy wednesday to everyone! im not sure if it's the weather or the lack of color outside but i am needing some major inspiration today! i want to feel like........wow..........i need to create something beautiful!! i hope you enjoyed! i am now ready to lock myself in my sewing room and make something magical! much love to you!

[photos not otherwise linked are via weheartit.com and google]

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