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while we have a blanket of white snow covering our world outside, i am dreaming about warmer weather & pretty dresses inside! i have a major fashion crush on vintage clothing. i pretty much live in dresses in the warmer weather but i sometimes wish that it were still like 1950 and woman always wore dresses you know to cook in, run erronds in etc....i know silly! so i found a few things that i thought were really beautiful and reminded me of the warmer weather that is just around the corner!

here is the staple 50's dress....so cute! i would wear it everyday if it were mine!

i am so in love with this color of green......just gorgeous!
i wish they still made bathing suits like this! i'm on the hunt for one! not kidding!
this dress looks like a birthday dress....i invision an outdoor party! swoon!
i would really love to have this one in my wardrobe....like right now! please?
and THIS one is just so beautiful....im in love! i would wear it on valentines day!
so can you see why i love 50s fashion so much? all of these make my heart go pitter-patter! fyi: i am very greatful for my womans rights and for what the woman before me did...i just really like the fashion from this era a lot. thanks for looking! xox heather
{all photos not otherwise noted are via weheartit.com}

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April said...

I am obsessively in love with all of those, but especially the last 2 & the red polka dot one. SO cute!

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