back home!

hello everyone! we just got back from a nice long vacation in Florida!! we went with our friends Karen and Steve...so nice of them to let us tag along!! (thanks again guys-love ya) we went to so many different beaches that i hope i can remember which is which in our photos! :) we had such a nice time, there were a few chilly days but mostly warm sun! i must say... that although it was fantastic, i sure was glad to see our house and bed!! it was a LONG drive! it's funny how getting away can make you really appreciate it all!! we did have a terrible phone call that my husbands step moms father had passed away...so sad and tough being so far away from everyone...will be nice to be together at Easter dinner tomorrow.

i will be back later with more pictures. happy Easter to everyone may it be filled with yummy food and family love! xo's heather

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