oh how i miss you......


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so i love-love my little summer nanny job & wouldnt trade it for the world but i miss...

waking up slow with my hubby....enjoying the morning..... having my coffee outside on our deck......blogging like a maniac.....staying up late & then waking up with inspiration & being able to run into my studio & create it....& my little sewing bee....i guess i just miss "my" normal! But i know that i only have a little more time left with my cute little "nanny family" & that makes me sad too!! But, i guess you cant have it all, huh?! love you!! xo


happy Sunday

hey ya'll....it's Sunday and i am sooo happy! i am getting ready to work on some sewing projects....whoot!!! i just ate way-way to many pretzel M & M's.....those things should be illegal!!! ;) i want to share a few things....here is a quilt that i made and finally got loaded and quilted!! Yay! Now i need to find a binding for it, i didnt buy it when i bought the rest of the fabric....dumb!

What do you think, do you like the colors mixed in this line of fabric? I thought they were really pretty! :) enjoy your Sunday night....XO!!


i am still here

hello friends its summer and with summer comes my little nanny job, yard work, gardens, camping and family outings! So with that i have found no time to blog!! boy we have had hot weather and lots of storms this month....we are expecting one tonight! i have lots of things that i want to share but dont think i will be able to get it all in ...... so i promise to be back again tomorrow with a picture loaded post!! :) i hope everyone is happy and healthy! love you all xox

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