a little bit of outside

Sorry if this creeps anyone out.....don't look! I walked out our front door and this guy was laying on our steps. We have them everywhere around the pond, but this little fella just wanted to say good morning i guess....?

Here is my hubby around our fire pit roasting some marshmallows for us! I love being able to enjoy a campfire in our backyard anytime we want...magical!!

I have been loving all the fresh veggies & fruits this summer.....even more than usual! We obviously don't grow these beautiful Rainier cherries below but boy do i L- O- V- E LOVE them!!

This bowl of delicious FRESHLY picked blueberries is slowly shrinking....i just cant stop eating them!! I need to decide soon what they will become? Pie, muffins or cobbler?? Decisions-decisions!!

Here is a quick peak at one of our bell pepper plants...why you ask? Just look at how small and cute they are....i couldnt help but stop and adore them!

This is one of four of our peach trees. Sad looking i know, but i am hoping that i can keep the beetles away this year! So far so good! Peaches anyone??
I hope everyone is enjoying a little bit of outside? If for nothing else, all the beautiful colors!! much love *h

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