9 years & fall fun

We spent saturday at a local place called Exploration Acres. It's a pumpkin patch, corn maze and fall fun place for all!! We celebrated our 9 year anniversay on Wednesday so besides going out for dinner we wanted to spend it in a maze of corn!! We had some of my siblings and their children join us!! Wow lots of fun was had by all!! Just see for yourself..

We all of course had hot cider, lemon shake up's, and kettle corn! Have you visited your favorite fall spot yet? Picked your pumpkins out? I hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall! I know i really am! More on the quilting front later on today...stay tuned!

Happy fall & happy quilting!



I am still lying in bed under what seems like mounds of blankets. It feels like fall here for sure!!! I am laying here trying to plan my day & well i am just too cozy to get out of bed!! I am however really wishing i had a hot mug of coffee or cider in here with me! ha! Did you wake up cool and cozy this morning?
Back later with a real post......pinky promise!


change is good

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I am beyond happy about this new season. I get so super giddy & inspired when the weather starts turning cool! I guess because it means lots of beautiful changes are to come. The farmers are in the fields, the yard is turning a shade of brown, the trees are trying to change colors, so many festivals, corn maze & pumpkin patch trips, and the dinner menu has changed slightly too,(soups!) Not to mention my LOVE of a fall wardrobe! Aahhh...and the chill in the air! EEK! I could go on and on!!

I just had my first mug of spiced apple cider and it was way more magical than i remember it to be last year! Yum!! Do you like cider? What do you love about the "beginning" of fall? What is the weather like where you live?

I have set a goal for myself to blog more often (hoping everyday?) but we'll see! I have so much random stuff i want to share!! xox


quilt camp 2010

Last weekend was our annual quilt camp for our guild. We started counting down right after the last years, thats how much fun it is!! I am so SUPER lucky that i get to go and visit with so many amazing woman & some really special close friends!! :) What did i work on you ask? I took PLENTY of projects but only got these finished.....
Thanks for looking & happy quilting to you!! xox

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