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I am beyond happy about this new season. I get so super giddy & inspired when the weather starts turning cool! I guess because it means lots of beautiful changes are to come. The farmers are in the fields, the yard is turning a shade of brown, the trees are trying to change colors, so many festivals, corn maze & pumpkin patch trips, and the dinner menu has changed slightly too,(soups!) Not to mention my LOVE of a fall wardrobe! Aahhh...and the chill in the air! EEK! I could go on and on!!

I just had my first mug of spiced apple cider and it was way more magical than i remember it to be last year! Yum!! Do you like cider? What do you love about the "beginning" of fall? What is the weather like where you live?

I have set a goal for myself to blog more often (hoping everyday?) but we'll see! I have so much random stuff i want to share!! xox

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Quilts And Pieces said...

I"ve always loved fall best too! But I"m not an apple cider fan. I would much rather have hot chocolate!

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