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I have been trying really hard to get some projects done and marked off my list (that will be my next post) but as we all know life sometimes has other plans for us!  I don't want to get into all of it & bore you with the craziness that has become my life the last 2 months. Just know that for me, reading your blogs, my sewing and of course my family & friends are what has kept me going and with a pretty positive outlook i must say! ;) I have however between it all have managed to start working on a few Christmas gifts as well as a few items for my etsy shop! Yay!  Before i get to the projects, i guess i should explain what the beautiful Bernina in the photo is doing in my sewing studio!  I am in NO way one that isnt content with what i have or a braggy kind of person, i actually get nervous when i have exciting news or get a new item that i want to share with friends and often decide against sharng in fear of sounding showy or braggy...silly but it's just who i am! Ok, back to the story!  My Husband had met an older couple through work (sold a fence job to them) and as they were talking my husband (so adorably i imagine) noticed a really neat quilt hanging and explained that his wife quilted and so on..and so on! So she, like a quilter just had to show him her basement sewing studio! :) So being that adorable guy he kindly obliged and went down with them. She showed him all of her sewing machines and the last one she showed him was one that she "just didnt use anymore" because she had upgraded!  She said i have been wanting to sell this one but have been waiting for the right home! :)  My adorable husband explained how i have a few machines and that i mostly use my featherweight...and that for certain projects i could really use one that had the decorative stithces etc....So he told her that he was interested and to give him a day or so to figure out the $ situation.  To my surprise he went back and bought it for me!! I am very blessed and was so shocked!  Ok now back to the projects! lol The log cabin block is a pot holder that i made for a xmas gift.  Who will it go to? Thats a secret!!
This quilt is one that i did called Tomato patch.  I quilted loopy stars on it and it looks a hundred times better in person!  I am still deciding if its going to find a home at xmas time or stay put!??

These little cuties were meant for my etsy shop but i am unsure if they will make it cause so many people love them! I have many more in different fabrics but you don't want to see them all do you?! I love the deer fabric sooo much! I bought a lot of it for different projects!

This is a very fun pot holder that a certain someone will be getting for xmas! Shhh...

  This last picture is of a remote control/ magazine holder for my MIL! This is what she specifically asked for xmas! 
How many of you are making homeade for xmas? I have a lot more to get done and a few i cant share in fear that they will read this!! happy crafting! xox

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