it's gone...

We had a month or two of beautiful white snow!  I wake up yesterday & it was like it never happened! It melted soooo fast! Except for the mud, puddles & unsightly dead grass..you would never know it was the 3 snowiest December on record here!! :D
I am trying to get myself motivated to fix a pot of chili & eventually reside to my sewing studio for some afternoon creativity!  My New Years eve will be spent happily with my mister & a sweet pooch! I am excited to be ringing in another year here at home!!  I am such a BORE and i am completely ok with it! :D
Here are a few beautiful & gloomy pictures that are reminding me of what season is to come & what our crazy IN weather has decided to switch to suddenly! I think they are just lovely...

(Photo sources unknown: found via FB I love the sound of pouring rain) 

Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve & a very special New Years day!

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