fair fun

I went to the state fair with my friend Lissa & some of her family. We had SUCH a great time [as usual] & it turned out to be such beautiful day!  I am upset with myself for not taking more pictures but hey i was busy eating & eating & when i wasnt eating i was feeding the animalls! [not even kidding]
So here ya'll go some views from the day!

Lissa & I yep i'm the pig!

kids in the combine

Sheep are my favorite!!




Making cornmeal

The circus at the Fair!?!

These two models are built from Legos! Was amazing in person!

The above model is of the stadium that our COLTS football team plays at! [built exact from Legos] Below are pictures of a Lego model of our famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the Indy 500 is held!

thanks to ya'll for looking & thanks to Lissa for asking me to go!


a few more

I wanted to share my next  FW blocks with ya'll! I also meant to tell you about Amanda a sweet blogger/twitter friend that is doing an amazing Farmer's Wife quilt along over HERE! She also does amazing stitch work, cans like a pro and loves country music! See why i like her! :)
So go say hello & tell her i sent you!
Ok here they are..

 Block #7 Birds in the air

Block #8 Bouquet

Block #9 Box

Block #10 Bowtie

Block #11 Broken Dishes
Ok thats all the blocks for tonight! I have to get up early for church. xoxo


farmers wife

Hiya! Awhile back i bought the book The Farmer's Wife. It is similar to the Civil War Love Letter book.
They are great books that give you a quilt block to make & tell a story that goes with it or gives actual letters from that time period!
Super neat to read how things were SO different back then! Very inspiring as well!
I decided that i wanted to make this using ONLY from my scrap bin..which is kinda the whole foundation that quilitng is from but also a nice challange as we ALL know we have so many lines of fabrics to choose from these days! So i started grabbing fabrics, trying not to be too picky!
This is what i have done so far....go easy on me!

Block #1. Attic Windows

Block #2. Autumn Tints

Block #3. Basket

Block #4. Basket Weave

Block #5. Bat Wing

Block #6 Big Dipper
I have not trimmed them up yet. I will be sure and share them as i go!
Thanks for looking!


getting there..

Well i am almost finished with the new look...still not exactly what i want but i will get there! I have some font issues still..so hang in there as i try and sort them out! I am super excited to start filling up my pages! Please send any q&As you may have as i am planning a Q&A post soon!
back again later loves!

{another} test post

I want this NOW it looks super yummy!


hard work

I have been working on giving my blog a new look! Its kinda hard work!
So please hang in there..posts soon! Until then enjoy a "what i wore" photo for my early morning chicken duties!!
xox h



Hiya! So as most of ya'll know my husband & i live out in the country {aka:boondocks} We had looked for what seemed like years before finding the perfect house,in the perfect location! Since the day we drove up our really really long lane & i saw our big ol barn..i have said i wanted farm animals! Well it has taken around 10 yrs but we finally did it! {EeeK!} 
We have been staying pretty busy lately with our beautiful new chickens!  {insert squeel!} We got them as baby chicks 2 months ago {they were so cute & tiny} and i was told when deciding on how many to bring home, that i needed to take into account that some would die because they are so small/very fragile & that usually during the brooding process it just happens to a few of them & that some will die because of other critters! {yikes, right?} Sooo that being said i got 30 of them {which somehow turned out to be 31} and i will say that i must either be a really good chicken momma or it was a darned good sales gimmick because we still have all 31 of them!
We are really happy to finally have them moved out of their brooder & into their brand new amazing coop! {built by my amazing mister} We still have some tweeking to do & need to decide if we are going to put siding on it or paint it? All in all we & our girls {chickens} are happy campers! They are loving the great outdoors! It is so fun to watch them...its actually {strangely} really relaxing! Ok enough blabbing on you want pictures right?

Thanks for reading & looking at my chickens!
xox heather



this & this

Made this:
I finished this awhile back and have not had time to share it!
it is one of my MANY cowls...starting making them originally from trial & error but this one is a pattern
i thinks its simply wonderful!
 Wearing This:
My very favorite knitted cowl! I am so in love with it that i almost want snow again!
 Need to oraginze this:
a huge basket of scrap fabric and cut off quilt pieces.
My favorite thing to organize!
 Working with this:
i love Swell it makes my heart so happy!!
Cutting this:
here is a picture of the next stage of the above swell fabric..will post another set of pics from the progress of this one
 I found this:
 a stack of old patterns & quilting books/shopping list from years ago
it came from a box of sewing stuff at a garage sale
look at those cheap prices!!
i adore this kind of stuff!  Love seeing what patterns she ordered! This is like finding a treaure to me!!

 Dreaming about this:
i love you iced coffee
& happy quilting!

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