holy cowl

Hee-hee! I thought that title was kinda cute! ;) I Have been a crazy knitting fool working on a chunky brown cowl!! I love love love how it is turning out! I WILL finish it today, i wanted to finish it late last night and i well.. fell asleep! Zzz!
 I think i am pretty much hooked on making these!! I already started a pink one...i think it will be just darling this spring! :)
As far as the quilting front goes, i have finally added the borders to this fig tree quilt that i made months ago!! I am really excited to quilt it...just in time for spring!

 Also if you have been wanting a quilt quilted with a basic meandor or swirly/loopy design i am doing them at a SUPER-DUPER low price!! Just send me an email!!

 I made these cutie pie cuddly soft bloomers for me etsy shop i think they are so cute for covering up those diapers! 


I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to this new year!  I am really lovin 2011.  I have so much i want to accomplish! Many goals and dreams that i want to attain!  For now i am going to finish my cowl & drink some of this Yummy hot cocoa! 

XoX heather


Allison Kaye said...

Funny title :] I love cowls. I've been meaning to buy one.
-Allison Kaye

heather said...

Thanks i thought it was cute! :) I love them too and bought a few and thought..i am going to learn to make these!! Thanks for stopping in..nice to have READERS! :)

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