very random

Here is a picture of my 2 loves!! Daisy knows that Justins leg is hurting him & well she decided to jump up and lay on it! LoL (she isnt a furniture dog, she has her own beds) She was just trying to make it better!

Here she is laying on my Amy Butler gum drop..covering her eyes...telling me that she is all done with the pictures for now! ;)
Too sweet!

and a random photo of me...just because!!

Some orange super soft yarn for a scarf. I am making this one for a special friend

Here is my thrift find of the month!! This is hands down the coolest thing i think i have ever bought for $3!! It spins & serves! The wood underneath says its from Denmark.
I will use this for sooo many things.
With warm weather coming soon..think toppings: for hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, sauces, sides! I could go on forever! I am so in love with these colors too!
I hope you everyone has a great weekend.


Eschimpf (Canadian Cavy) said...

I love your thrift find. I recently bought a tea pot, that I later found was worth $50! Thrift stores are awesome.

Can't wait for more blog entries. I myself have two blogs and I know how sometimes life gets busy and you sometimes forget to add things.

In fact I am currently working on a new blog entry about how to get black marker off white walls. :S kids gotta love them.


Lissa said...

I cannot believe this find! I love it soooo much! luck girl....seriously we need to go thrifting together. I laid my hands on some vintage sheets today!

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