this & this

Made this:
I finished this awhile back and have not had time to share it!
it is one of my MANY cowls...starting making them originally from trial & error but this one is a pattern
i thinks its simply wonderful!
 Wearing This:
My very favorite knitted cowl! I am so in love with it that i almost want snow again!
 Need to oraginze this:
a huge basket of scrap fabric and cut off quilt pieces.
My favorite thing to organize!
 Working with this:
i love Swell it makes my heart so happy!!
Cutting this:
here is a picture of the next stage of the above swell fabric..will post another set of pics from the progress of this one
 I found this:
 a stack of old patterns & quilting books/shopping list from years ago
it came from a box of sewing stuff at a garage sale
look at those cheap prices!!
i adore this kind of stuff!  Love seeing what patterns she ordered! This is like finding a treaure to me!!

 Dreaming about this:
i love you iced coffee
& happy quilting!


for me?

I turned 31 on the 14th and what a fantastic birthday i had! 
I am not much for celebrating myself and usually it feels like any other day. 
Not this year...my goodness i felt like a queen! My husband bought me a beautiful vase of flowers that brightened up the room & my heart! He also had a cake made for me...with cute number 31 bday candles! He got my fave white cake with whipped icing! 
He is the best!
It didnt stop there..i know right! :)
He took me to one of my favorite guilty pleasure restaurants, 9 Irish Brothers for some fish n' chips & a tiny glass of beer!

Here are a few pictures of all my lovlies!

 I also have some pretty amazing friends!
My friend Karen and her husband treated us to dinner for my birthday at a yummy Mexican restaurant! They also gifted me some quilting goodies, a charm, some labels and a box of yummy Moda candy bars...! Did i mention how great they are?!
Thanks Karen..love ya!
Then....I know it never stopped! LOL
My MIL's & GMIL treated us to dinner out and to some bday $$ which i purchased this beautiful dutch oven with!!
I love it sooooo much already!  Its a beautiful red...Yay for turning 31!
Ok sorry for showing off all my bday goodies, but it was such a wonderful week full of people i love and great times! I am so blessed! I would have been just as happy with a bday kiss and some quilting! ;)
Thanks for letting me share!
You all rock!


from me to you

Happy National Quilting Day!
I hope you are getting some time to quilt or just time to dream about quilts!

simply happy

I have so many things going on in my life right now (mostly good stuff) that i sometimes don't stop to blog!
I told myself & you that i was going to be better so here i am
being better. ;)

We are starting to see & feel the signs of spring here in IN woo-hoo! We are over the moon excited for all of the outdoor fun to begin! It actually started today with me & the mister cleaning up the yard & flower beds! Long ways to go... 

Lots of flower beds=lots of work!
Sooo worth it when everything wakes & shows its beauty!

Here is an antique pinwheels quilt that i thought some of you might fancy..i know i do! Pinwheels have a special place in my heart!

I am working on something very exciting...so stop back in soon! What are you all working on? Sewing, knitting, cleaning or nothing??
Xo heather

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