Hiya! So as most of ya'll know my husband & i live out in the country {aka:boondocks} We had looked for what seemed like years before finding the perfect house,in the perfect location! Since the day we drove up our really really long lane & i saw our big ol barn..i have said i wanted farm animals! Well it has taken around 10 yrs but we finally did it! {EeeK!} 
We have been staying pretty busy lately with our beautiful new chickens!  {insert squeel!} We got them as baby chicks 2 months ago {they were so cute & tiny} and i was told when deciding on how many to bring home, that i needed to take into account that some would die because they are so small/very fragile & that usually during the brooding process it just happens to a few of them & that some will die because of other critters! {yikes, right?} Sooo that being said i got 30 of them {which somehow turned out to be 31} and i will say that i must either be a really good chicken momma or it was a darned good sales gimmick because we still have all 31 of them!
We are really happy to finally have them moved out of their brooder & into their brand new amazing coop! {built by my amazing mister} We still have some tweeking to do & need to decide if we are going to put siding on it or paint it? All in all we & our girls {chickens} are happy campers! They are loving the great outdoors! It is so fun to watch them...its actually {strangely} really relaxing! Ok enough blabbing on you want pictures right?

Thanks for reading & looking at my chickens!
xox heather

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