farmers wife

Hiya! Awhile back i bought the book The Farmer's Wife. It is similar to the Civil War Love Letter book.
They are great books that give you a quilt block to make & tell a story that goes with it or gives actual letters from that time period!
Super neat to read how things were SO different back then! Very inspiring as well!
I decided that i wanted to make this using ONLY from my scrap bin..which is kinda the whole foundation that quilitng is from but also a nice challange as we ALL know we have so many lines of fabrics to choose from these days! So i started grabbing fabrics, trying not to be too picky!
This is what i have done so far....go easy on me!

Block #1. Attic Windows

Block #2. Autumn Tints

Block #3. Basket

Block #4. Basket Weave

Block #5. Bat Wing

Block #6 Big Dipper
I have not trimmed them up yet. I will be sure and share them as i go!
Thanks for looking!

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